Christmas Trivia

Think you are a true Christmas Expert? Take this simple quiz and you’ll know where you stand!


After leaving Bethlehem, to which country did Joseph, Mary, and Jesus travel to?

What is the name of the original Reindeer?

Which are the two colors, according to Christmas holiday trivia, that are also extremely popular in this season other than Red and Green?

Which was the first state in the United States to recognize Christmas as an official holiday?

Which is the most popular ornament used to place at the top of the Christmas tree?

Which country does St. Nicholas originally belong to?

Which ornament every elf has attached to the tip of their shoes?

Traditions of Christmas around the world will tell you that Santa Claus is known by many names. What is the French name for Santa Claus?

What are the snacks kids leave out for Santa Claus, traditionally?

Which soft drink company in the world used to have advertisements featuring a happy, smiling Santa Claus?

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